Why is Air@-EL?
There are many reasons to adopt our new wireless systems.
The Air@-EL Series has a lot of advantages and benefits as compared with coaxial cables and point-to-point RF/Microwaves.

Thousands of successful installations
Cost-effective System(No cable related costs)
 Save high installation costs(Same cost regardless of the number of floors)
Maintenance Free system(No more cabling problems)
  No influence on Power Cable and Traveling Cable
High quality(DVD quality) video transmission
High Reliability
 Air@-EL100: Max up to 100m(328ft) Operational Distance
 Air@-EL150: Max up to 150m(495ft) Operational Distance
 Air@-EL300: Max up to 300m(990ft) Operational Distance
Real time Transmission and no Latency
Semi-permanent life span (Long-lasting Product)
Quick and easy installation
Complete substitution
 Compatibility with all existing CCTV and peripherals
Not subject to RF interference & no intercept
No need for frequency license and fee
 Free from restrictions under laws
Immune to disturbance by dust & noise

Comparison Table between Coaxial Cable and Air@-EL Series
(Qccess' Internal Data)
Conventional Coaxial Cable Air@-EL Series
Number of Installers
Hours of Installation
Maintenance & Repair Cost
•  Frequent cable damage from operation friction
•  Regular maintenance check is required.
•  New cable wiring is necessary when there is cable damage.(Cable damage can occur every 8 month in average.)
•  High labor cost and elevator operation halt
•  High material cost (needs to use stranded types flex coaxial cable)
•  High buildings need more installation & maintenance cost, troubles.
•  No maintenance
•  No repair
•  Semi-Permanent life span
•  No cost increases. In case of Air@-EL300, operation range up to 300m(990ft) height
Troubles and safety
•  Cracking in coaxial cable causes intermittent video signal drops.
•  Coaxial cable can be tangled with elevator traveling cables, raising safety concerns.
•  No cable-related problems
•  No Warranty
•  3-year warranty from date of purchase


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