Thousands of successful installations prove the quality of the Air@-EL Series.
Since 2006, thousands of Air@-EL Series have been installed for elevator CCTVs at high rise corporate buildings and apartments in Korea and the world. Recently, iconic buildings in the world have adopted Air@-EL Series in their elevator CCTVs.

Iconic Buildings in the World

•  Wynn Las Vegas Casino(50 floors), US
•  New York Housing Authority(30 floors), US
•  RCBC Plaza in the Philippines(46 floors), Philippines
•  Peninsular Hong Kong(30 floors), Hong Kong
•  ITV London Headquarters(20 floors), UK
•  Shangri-La Hotel Sydney(36 floors), Australia
•  Address Hotel Dubai(61 floors), U.A.E
•  Victoria Shopping Centre in Nottingham, UK
•  White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, UK
elevator security surveillance

High rise corporate Buildings in Korea

•  Samsung Life Insurance Seocho Headquarters Building(41 floors)
•  Samsung Group Namdaemoon Headquarter Building
•  LG Display dormitory Building in Gumi City
•  LG Display Building in Gumi City
•  Korea Investment & Securities Building
•  YTN Tower(26 floors)
•  POSCO Building
•  Dong Kuk Steel Group Building
•  World Trade Center Seoul(57 floors)
•  Donga Media Center(26 floors)
•  Dongwon Industries HQ Bldg.(27 floors)
•  Many small Company Groups’ Headquarter Buildings

High rise Apartment(APT)s in Korea

•  Samsung Apartment in Suwon    
•  GS Xi Apartment in Busan    
•  Hyundai I Park Apartment in Seoul    
•  Kumho Richensia in Seoul(46 floors)    
•  Doosan Apartment in Suwon    
•  Woosung Apartment in Cheongju    
•  Sambu Apartment in Suwon    
•  Youngpoong Apartment in Guro(24 floors)    
•  Bosung Apartment in Jukjeon    
•  Ssangyoung APT in Youngin    
•  Taeyoung Desian APT in Dongbaek    
•  Samsung APT in Gumi    
•  Kyungnam Honor's Ville APT in Cheongpyung    
•  Woomi Apt in Jukjeon    
•  Bando U-Bora APT in Pusan    
•  Woomi inosville in Osan    
•  Hanhwa APT in Daejeon    
•  Ssanyyoung APT in Incheon    
•  Samsung Purun APT in Daejeon    
•  Injung Prince APT in Suwon    
•  Hanhwa APT in Shingil-dong    
•  Hankook APT in Kimhae    
•  Woosung Apt in Daegu    
•  Jugong APT in Gwangju Bongdam    
•  Jugong APT in Gumi 4    
•  Jugong APT in Gyunggi    
•  Jugong APT in Gwangju    
•  Jugong APT in Gumi    
•  Jugong APT in Suwon Maetan    
•  Jugong APT in Busan    
•  Jugong APT in Suwon    
•  Jugong APT in Daejeon    
•  Officetel in Suwon    
•  Jeonju APT    
•  Many apartments    

Major elevator Companies based in Korea

•  ThyssenKrupp Elevator Korea
•  Hyundai Elevator
•  Otis Elevator Korea


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